Plant Sterol Ester

Plant sterol ester is downstream products of plant sterol, general by plant sterol and fatty acid through esterification reaction or turns the esterification reaction system. With high value of nutrition, physiological activity is strong, etc., have prevent bolted atherosclerosis, promote the degradation of cholesterol metabolism and medical and health care value; plays an effective role in maintaining balance cholesterol, scientists as the key of life.
Appearance: Plant sterol ester is in thick greasy yellow appearance in room temperature. While the temperature above 50℃, it is a typical fat smell and taste with clean oil
Principal properties: Oil soluble, outstanding color, outstanding smell, outstanding antioxidant
Principal applications: Plant sterol ester is easy to mix with the oil and fat-soluble
substance, used in vegetable oil, margarine and spreads, yogurt and yogurt products, salad dressing category, health drinks. It is also used for fortified products, fats and oils and soft capsules, cosmetics and so on

Specs Acidity
Peroxide Value
Free Sterols
Total Sterols
≤7 ≤6 ≤0.1 ≤6 ≥59