Dimer acid

Dimer acid, usually dimeric fatty acid is a complex mixture of ingredients; it is named because the main components contain two carboxylic acid groups. It is produced from the use of unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleum acid obtained by mutual polymerization. Dimer acid has excellent thermal stability, and in a wide temperature range to maintain liquidity. It has been already widely used in the synthesis printed circuit board material, ink manufacturing, rocket motor materials. It is high purity dimer acid as light yellow viscous liquid, the lower purity dimer acid as reddish brown viscous liquid.

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Monomer Acid

Monomer Acid is separated from the vegetable oil acid and its main component is zinc undecylenate. It is a whole or yellowish oil-like solid, under 30°C, and a yellowish transparent liquid over 30°C. It's doesn't dissolve in water but dissolves in acet, benzene, toluene ethanol ccl4 and such organism solvent. In latex industrial, it can be applied tires, rubber overshoes, conveyance belt in oil industrial, it is applied to making soap, cosmetic, in stationery, it is used to make carbon, oil dye solvent; it is also used in medicine industrial and textile industrial.

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Polyamide resin

Polyamide resin is widely used with excellent performance of chemical raw materials, by their nature can be divided into two categories: non-reactive or neutral and reactive polyamide. Non-reactive polyamide mainly for the production of ink, heat of binder and reactive polyamide curing agent for epoxy resin, and for thermosetting surface coatings, adhesives, potting materials and lining, molded resin , marine coatings and heavy duty coatings.

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